Why is this cat so cute? A deep dive into human psychology

Why is this cat so cute? A deep dive into human psychology

The human brain works in many different ways. One of the most fascinating occurrences in the human psyche is the response to things in which we consider "cute". Whether it be a fluffy cat or a hamster with a mouth full of nuts, the spectrum of cuteness knows no bounds. This however begs the question, what exactly IS cuteness? If you were to show two people a number of "cute" images from the internet and have them rate the cuteness from 1-10, you will get vastly different answers in each scenario.

Now how does this relate to this specific cat named Maggie? Because this cat is way too cute. She is an anomaly in the cuteness scale; an outlier in the dataset of cute animals. Every time I look at this cat I receive lethal doses of estrogen through my bloodstream. My non-existent ovaries begin to rumble, and my human instincts take over, forcing me to baby talk and give her endless scritches.

Do I know why this happens? No. Am I doing science justice by providing no conclusive results or evidence? No.